Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Screen Shots I found =) 150104

I was arranging the files of my laptop. Then, I found several funny screenshot that I have taken from the movie I watched before. It could be many years ago's movie or recent one. Let's share some of my memories!

Program : B1A4 @ All the Kpop
Date : 130402
What's happening? : This is part of the program. This part, MCs searched some of the photo of member's childhood (pre-debut) and compared them to now. They were choosing the look that changed the most. 1st place changed the most while 5th place the least.

Fifth place! YA! Gong Chan Sik! Aren't you look too handsome in your pre-debut photo?
야, 공찬식! 이거 너무 잘 생기 아니야?


Fourth place! Cha Baro! OK, I see squirrel.
나만 다람쥐 보었어? ㅋㅋ

 Have to admit, there's no different comparing to now.
똑 같네....

Third Place! HAHAHAHA, It's fox! Fox Jin Young!
아, 여우다~ ~~~!!

Second Place! CNU, what happened to you? LOL

Finally, first place! Sandeul. No need any word to describe. Don't be confused.
The left one is before and the right one is after.
이거 열 여섯 살 삼춘이야?

Program : The Bride of Centuries 백년의 신부
Lead : Lee Hong Ki, Yang Jin Sung
Total episode : 16

For this, I watched to support our HongStar. It's the first 2014 series I watched and I found that it's really nice!
He became slimmer for this movie, and looked nicer.

Also, I found new images that he will never be in this series. What's the images?

1. A very quiet person. Not much talking. This will never happen in real life as he is always that lively!
오빠, 왜요? 이거 매력 있어요.

 See? CEO? Haha

3. The reveal of his hairy legs! First time to see in "fill scale"(?)
털 털 털 만 봤어요

3. Accidentally paused here and his eyes...... Sorry oppa....
안 지켜서 미안해

Program : We got married - World edition I
On-air Date : 130607

What's happening? : They were having dinner together in a Japanese restoran. Hongki played with the kim 김(seaweed) by sticking on his front teeth to let the teeth seems disappeared. Mina found it interesting and followed. They showed this to the chef by ordering the food. =)

이 두 바보 영구  ㅋㅋ

Program : EXO's Showtime
Date : 140206

What's happening? : All the EXO members were being separated into 12 different rooms. They were given the mission that they must all answer the question in same answer.

This is when the question ask that "Rock, Paper, Scissors. what do you think ChanYeol will play now?" This 2 cute little fellow answer in sync.

 쌍둥이!  쌍둥이!

Program : Reply 1994
Total Episode : 21

1. Sseureki and Yoo Jung's sons are watching Apink's live, NoNoNo at music show. So adorable. Hehe
슬퍼하지마 no no no  혼자가 아냐 no no no

2. Big love for this series! All the casts! (Watched this for the 3rd time, going for the 4th time recently.)

Program : On Call 36 hours II
Total episode : 28

What's happening? : Ah Suet and Ben was arguing and they are the viewers that stay in the room to watch! haha, their expression...

Program : The return of Superman
Episode : 50

What's happening? : This is Daehan-i (
대한). He was in a clinic for his flu vaccination. He climbed up the chair himself while his father was trying to calm down his brother. He even got the vaccination without his father's accompany! He is only 3-year-old! MOREOVER, HE DIDN'T CRY! 

잠 대단하다 대한이. 누나 안고 주께.

How many program/series/variety show you watched above? Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

141108 Simple Dates

It's girls' date again! Me, NicoleSarah, Sally and my sister decided to watch a local movie -- The Cage. I mean, HEY, Support LOCAL MOVIE please!

Before that, we went for our late lunch at 두부두부 (Dubu Dubu). It's a Korean restaurant at Gurney Paragon. Since I am a fan for korean food, how can I not tried this? Simple, we ordered 소고기 매운 찌개 (Spicy Beef Soup), 치즈 떡복이 (Cheese Rice Cake), and 닭갈비(Dak-Gal-Bi). 

By the way, 두부두부 actually means bean curd (豆腐), so the soup all contains bean curd. =)

소고기 매운 찌개 (Spicy Beef Soup) - Set

Strongly recommended for those who love soup. We can choose the type of meat. 
(Chicken, Beef or Seafood) For me, 8.5/10

닭갈비(Dak-Gal-Bi) - Set
For this, it's not spicy. But it's very delicious.
Vegetables usually have a smell that we don't really like. The smell is all covered by the sauce, yet it's not too salty.
I am glad that I ordered this. 8/10

치즈 떡복이 (Cheese Rice Cake) - ala carte
Too little rice cake of me. I prefer rice cake than fish cake.
But the cheese increased my satisfactions.
For me, 6/10.

P/S: The kimchi here is too spicy for me, plus it's not sour enough. Usually, we can eat the kimchi straight, but for this I gonna mix it with rice. Kimchi 4/10.

Now, it's time to watch movie!
This  movie is named The Cage 怯场
It's a movie without script & NG-less and it's the 3rd-script-less movie in Malaysia.
The 1st and 2nd movie is only showed on NTV7 past 2 years. It's named 夺命游戏 and 夺命游戏2.
I have supported the first 2.

The story is about a theater drama that showed live in Malaysia. The drama in the movie is a killing game base story. The story suddenly became real as the stage props like guns and knife been changed to the real one. The actors/actress need to find out who is the killer in the cage in order to escape.

The most wondering is how the actors/actress react in the situation like this. In the interview, they said that they don't know is they themselves is acting or the person in the movie is acting. It's more like themselves, their real feeling shown while acting.

For those who always love to watch romance movie, this movie may not be suitable for you. You may found headache or meaningless. But, I love this type of movie because I like to guess. I am proud to them as a Malaysian. They did so well! So, please support Malaysia movie in the CINEMA.

-the end-

Monday, September 8, 2014

20 Facts About Me

Okay, I have no ideas about where's the trends started from. But, in order to know myself better, I am trying to write down about me.

20 Facts About Me

1. I love compliments but not criticism on me. Even thought I know that criticism is good for improvement. (So, what I need is just compliments.)

2. I am suitable to simple style ONLY. Fashions are not my cup of tea, not too cute, nor too sexy. Vintage is just my types.

3. I love singing.  I am the one that always holding the mic when we go sing Karaoke. And I usually sing Korean songs and Chinese songs only. (Come on, don't snatch my mic and skip my songs please.)

4. I learn Korean (Hangul) by myself, and I am going to take this paper starting this semester. I already knew how to read, speak and write some basic Korean. I used to read Hangul lyrics when I am singing a Korean song.

5. I admire those who can sing well than those who dance well. (My style is totally different from Sarah.) So, I love to watch live videos than music videos.

6. I don't really know how to react in different situations. When I confused about it, I usually ignore it. (For example, when I met a not-so-close friend while I am shopping.)

7. My memories are good. I can remember numbers well, especially friends birthdays. I am the "alarm clock" for other people. But I always forgot to wish my friends birthday because I shut down Facebook after checking notifications and message. (So, I actually remember you birthday, friends! Not even checking at Facebook's birthday reminder.)

8. I am a bit different form normal girls. I don't like to own bears, flowers, and chocolate. I need something that are more practical.

9. I usually cannot keep secrets that are NOT STATED CLEARLY. But I will keep a secret very well if you said : "Don't tell the others."

10. I confused about my feelings in some situations. Usually I can recognize sad and angry.

11. I don't have a specific favorite color. I keep changing my favorite color, so I decided not to specify it. I was once addicted to pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green. By the way, I hate orange color.

12. My complex is always my body. I am lack of self-confidence.

13. My hobbies are singing and DOWNLOAD things. (LOL.) Audios, pictures, videos, and movies. So, I need an unlimited wifi!

14. I can do art and craft well but not to think creatively. I always need to get ideas from others, and I will just modify it.

15. I have very very little selfie as I don't really like to take photos.

16. My phones and hard-disk are always in memory-full status. So, my phones always lag. There are 10400++ photos, 2000++ songs, and 180++ videos in my phone.

17. I prefer warm than cold. I am afraid of cold. Sweater is always my good friend.

18. My bag is like a Doraemon's pocket. It's always full of things. (Medicine, nail cutter, comb, mirror, tissue papers, earphones, Tiger balm, lips balm, pendrive, umbrella, purse, recycle bags, power bank, plasters, and hair rubber band.)

19. I am picky about food but I don't like to waste the food. I will finish all the food in my plate even that I don't like some of it. So, I wouldn't put foods that I don't like into my plate. P/S: I am allergy to prawn.

20. I was once dislike the children. And now, I love children and I think they are really cute and angelic. (But, the children better be those who can listen to teacher's and parents' words, please.)

That's all about me. How much do you know me?


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 1 - Roommate + Half Roommate 140529

First, I don't emphasize on any date in my life anyway, those are just a day for me. A simple day that our Lord created. But 21st birthday seems a big day for every one. Well, I won't be too emphasize it but I don't either reject the event. Every things happen, I just accept. (Boring life? Haha)

My roommate celebrated my birthday earlier because I am going home on my birthday. Very thanks to my roommate that planned everything even though in the end I don't feel surprise. (Opps, sorry, but it's because of big black hole occur during the plan. We are all human right? NO perfect human in this earth. It's Okay.)

First, we planned to go to Pizza Hut for our dinner the day before. Before the dinner time, roommate walked out earlier and said to chat with another friend that live next next next next door to us. She said I can go to toilet or ANYWHERE because she brought keys out.

Then, my half-roommate phoned me. She said her laptop blackout! Asked me to help her check what's the problem. I was downloading something that time. So I slowly change my clothes and wait for the download to be finished, then only go to half-roommate's room. Some how I felt relax? (PC already blackout, so no need rush there right? Because can't do any thing still.)

I went to the room that my roommate suppose to be inside to inform her about this so that she can meet us there when she want to eat dinner. But, my friend said my roommate wasn't there!

I felt something going on fishy. But still I went to half-roommate's room. When I knocked the door, "WAIT!"

What?! Phoned me here but asked me to wait? Yes, I am sure now what they are going to do.
The door was opened. And a slide of birthday cake with birthday song as accompaniment. Ha! That's what I sensed!

Here's the cake and the present before unwrapped.
Unwrapped present.

 Some selfie before dinner.

 Dinner time. Appetizer mushroom soup and drinks pepsi-cola.
 My Pepperoni single pizza.
 Roommate's Hawaii chicken single pizza.
 Half-roommate's Spicy tuna single pizza.

Even there's so many holes in planning this event, but I really appreciated it. My roommate planned all the event at the cafe there with mosquitoes as her friend. So 伟大, how can I don't appreciate it? Lastly, thank you once again to my 1st roommates in Uni life.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family days 140425-140427

It's Family DAY!

We managed to fit our time for a trip to Cameron Highlands together. Don't be surprised, we are a big family. After counting, all together we have 31 members by the last day. Because it's not a school holiday nor public holiday, all of us wouldn't going up together. Some will only met us at Friday night and some by Saturday morning.


Before depart, we met at a kopitiam to have our breakfast together.

The first batch to go. 3 tables to fit. Now still, not all were in the photo.
While we on the way to Cameron, of course, we slept. About 12pm, we reached. We have our lunch there. Unfortunately, my dad's car broke. We need to find a garage to repair the car. The problem of the car is quite serious and we couldn't find the parts of the car machines. So, all of us went to HCC to put our luggage there. Then all of us rest there while my dad and uncle went to find mechanic.
 Beautiful Sky at Cameron Highlands.

We can spot Heritage Hotel from HCC.

Since the car couldn't be repair by that day and it's a raining day, we just stayed in the hostel and rested until the night. But still, we went to pasar malam at Brinchang to buy our dinner and dabao back for all to eat. After the dinner, we all relaxed at the car park there. 
 TADAA! Happy us.
 Now, another family reached too.

 Talk and laugh until late night.

Early in the morning, after the breakfast, we went to Taman Agroteknologi MARDI together. The ticket is RM 1.50 for students (below 18 year-old) and RM 3 for adults. Because it's Saturday, there're people all around there. At least 3 travel buses there. Plus the weather is so hot there, we were not staying there for too long time.


Family Photo.

Solo photo.

We decided to take group photo on the field.

While waiting for everyone to come. Hello, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!

Jumping shoot.

1st group photo. Without 阿嫲 and 阿明舅舅。

The photographer that being captured. =)


Big Family.

The lucky 阿辰and依依 to have so many Jiejie accompany them to play. BTW, 依依where are you looking at?

Actually we were crossing the bridge, then 大舅舅 asked us to look at the camera. So this is the result.


4 of us.

Cousin sis.

Now, 大姨also reached. So we took another photo again before we return to the hostel.

Next, we went to Time Tunnel.

There're many things here. If you observe carefully, you may find out some toys you have or things that you used when while you are young.

Awkward acting.

Mom help me to have hair treatment? Haha.
I became a kopitiam BOSS. LOL.

Awkward, awkward, and awkward.

Playing chinese chess? No, acting. lalala~
Say "Cheese~"

Found a funny memo for check. It was written "This check was rejected and couldn't withdraw money because the date was wrong. There's no 31st June. Please take cash here tomorrow."

Seems like I have taken other photo but I don't know in whose camera. XD

After visiting Time Tunnel, it's raining day. We all went for our lunch at Marrybrown since it's late for lunch time. Then, we went back to the hostel.

While waiting for the dinner(steamboat), we played table tennis, watched TV, slept, and maybe some thing happened and I don't even know. It's quite a long time before dinner. So, I decided to prepare my Monday test. Following me, cousins put down their table tennis racket and also started to do their homework or have their revisions. Here's the prove.

Combination of Primary School, Secondary School, College, and University student.

Preparation still going on.....
Food are ready!

Group photo before start eating. Spot 依依.


Busy, no one look at the camera.

Here you are.

After the dinner, we stayed at the hall there "quietly". There's service going on. We couldn't speak loudly, laugh loudly. So, we all young "kids" went to STARBUCKS.

Using my camera lens, selfie!

Another one before we went back hostel.


All my aunties and uncles went to buy breakfast for us.

Cute right?

Breakfast time.

Then, my family went to Sunday service while the other went to tea farm.
We packed all the luggage and then we went for lunch. My dad's car haven't done repairing, so my dad and mom stayed there for another one day. Me and my sister tumpang my aunty and uncle car back Penang first.
Before home, we went to "Lavender".
While on the way going to "Lavender", something happened.
My aunty's car being crashed by a lorry. So, from originally 6 cars going, in the end only 3 cars going.
"Lavender" 's ticket is RM 3 for children and RM 5 for adults.
There were too many people there. While I stood on the middle of the road, I don't know where to hide because everyone was taking photo in front, back, left and right (all around me)of me.  

Trying to take a view of flowers but then people came out more than flowers.

Red flower.
Nice colour tone by our Lord.
 Look like Chrysanthemum huh?

Trying to capture flower only, but STILL, people. How many did you spot? I spot 4.
Isn't this cool? Prettie~
Lots of flower.
 Do they have leaves?

 There's self-plucking strawberries too. Well, I don't like strawberry that much.

Lastly, final photo of Cameron Highlands before going back to Penang.

And, this cutie.