Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Screen Shots I found =) 150104

I was arranging the files of my laptop. Then, I found several funny screenshot that I have taken from the movie I watched before. It could be many years ago's movie or recent one. Let's share some of my memories!

Program : B1A4 @ All the Kpop
Date : 130402
What's happening? : This is part of the program. This part, MCs searched some of the photo of member's childhood (pre-debut) and compared them to now. They were choosing the look that changed the most. 1st place changed the most while 5th place the least.

Fifth place! YA! Gong Chan Sik! Aren't you look too handsome in your pre-debut photo?
야, 공찬식! 이거 너무 잘 생기 아니야?


Fourth place! Cha Baro! OK, I see squirrel.
나만 다람쥐 보었어? ㅋㅋ

 Have to admit, there's no different comparing to now.
똑 같네....

Third Place! HAHAHAHA, It's fox! Fox Jin Young!
아, 여우다~ ~~~!!

Second Place! CNU, what happened to you? LOL

Finally, first place! Sandeul. No need any word to describe. Don't be confused.
The left one is before and the right one is after.
이거 열 여섯 살 삼춘이야?

Program : The Bride of Centuries 백년의 신부
Lead : Lee Hong Ki, Yang Jin Sung
Total episode : 16

For this, I watched to support our HongStar. It's the first 2014 series I watched and I found that it's really nice!
He became slimmer for this movie, and looked nicer.

Also, I found new images that he will never be in this series. What's the images?

1. A very quiet person. Not much talking. This will never happen in real life as he is always that lively!
오빠, 왜요? 이거 매력 있어요.

 See? CEO? Haha

3. The reveal of his hairy legs! First time to see in "fill scale"(?)
털 털 털 만 봤어요

3. Accidentally paused here and his eyes...... Sorry oppa....
안 지켜서 미안해

Program : We got married - World edition I
On-air Date : 130607

What's happening? : They were having dinner together in a Japanese restoran. Hongki played with the kim 김(seaweed) by sticking on his front teeth to let the teeth seems disappeared. Mina found it interesting and followed. They showed this to the chef by ordering the food. =)

이 두 바보 영구  ㅋㅋ

Program : EXO's Showtime
Date : 140206

What's happening? : All the EXO members were being separated into 12 different rooms. They were given the mission that they must all answer the question in same answer.

This is when the question ask that "Rock, Paper, Scissors. what do you think ChanYeol will play now?" This 2 cute little fellow answer in sync.

 쌍둥이!  쌍둥이!

Program : Reply 1994
Total Episode : 21

1. Sseureki and Yoo Jung's sons are watching Apink's live, NoNoNo at music show. So adorable. Hehe
슬퍼하지마 no no no  혼자가 아냐 no no no

2. Big love for this series! All the casts! (Watched this for the 3rd time, going for the 4th time recently.)

Program : On Call 36 hours II
Total episode : 28

What's happening? : Ah Suet and Ben was arguing and they are the viewers that stay in the room to watch! haha, their expression...

Program : The return of Superman
Episode : 50

What's happening? : This is Daehan-i (
대한). He was in a clinic for his flu vaccination. He climbed up the chair himself while his father was trying to calm down his brother. He even got the vaccination without his father's accompany! He is only 3-year-old! MOREOVER, HE DIDN'T CRY! 

잠 대단하다 대한이. 누나 안고 주께.

How many program/series/variety show you watched above? Hope you enjoyed!


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